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Cape Florida Lighthouse No. 1 by the American Nature Painter, Judith A. Maddox Saylor at JAMS Artworks of Key Biscayne, Florida and Linwood, NJ.

'Cape Florida Lighthouse'

© Copyright 2013. Judith A. Maddox Saylor. 
All Rights Reserved. 

Original Acrylic Painting on Canvas
24"x30" - In a Private Collection

Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas 24" x 30" 

Sailboats          and       Porches

Glory by JAM Saylor Higee Ave., JAM Saylor

'Old Glory'
© 2013
18" x 24", Original Acrylic on Canvas

'21 Higbee Ave., Somers Point, NJ'
© 2010
Original 15"x24" Acrylic on Canvas
Painted for Point of Porches
Great Bay Gallery, Somers Point, NJ
(In a Private Collection)

Sanderling by JAM Saylor Allison

Porch Painting, Somers Point, NJ by JAM Saylor Allison


by JAM Saylor Allison
(Commission Work in a Private Collection ©2016)

Porch Painting
(Painted for Redux Point of Porches for
Great Bay Gallery, Somers Point, NJ)

by JAM Saylor Allison
(In a Private Collection ©2016)