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About the Artist

About the Artist
American Nature Painter
Judith A. Maddox Saylor

Judith A. Maddox Saylor, American Nature Painter.

     Artist, Judith A. Maddox Saylor... is inspired in these United States, to paint from life, dreams, and photography. She ties  her representations on canvas to the abundance of nature.  Her paintings reflect the saturation of color and brilliant light found near the ocean in South Florida and the South Jersey Shore as well as the Valley of the Shining Stone in Abiquiu, New Mexico. Some of her works represent endangered species,  seascapes, seashells,  florals landscapes and other glimpses into the world of nature.  Ms. Saylor says, "What I do is very small, but even very small things encourage us to look and to see in a different way.   The key, is to do the looking."
The influence of Miss Georgia O'Keeffe, is unmistakable, and in the tradition of contemporary painters, Ms. Saylor manages to create work that is as sensitive as it is powerful.  She is a full immersion American Artist in an international marketplace, who hails from the fields of the Pennsylvania farmland  Her curiosity unfolds a new world to the viewer, and welcomes you to stay, suspended in the moment.  She says, "Capturing a moment on the canvas can take a lifetime." 
The main objective of her art is to fill a space in a beautiful way using subjects that are readily available. Her remarkable work is for sale and she endeavors to help charities that benefit endangered species and plant life. Judith's work is available as originals and very Limited Edition Archival Giclee prints for your enjoyment.

Explore the Possibilities
     Discover the beauty and unique style of Judith Saylor's art work when you contact JAMS Artworks™.  Her contemporary work is available in a variety of ways. She offers archival Giclees on paper or canvas. The Giclee is a modern-day version of a lithograph, and is professionally reproduced in museum quality. These Giclees are archival, and no more than 50 prints are made. Original paintings are also available. You can find her unique artwork at 
exhibits around the country.

Contact us for  artwork including
paintings of endangered species, nature, seascapes, and seashells.


Ocean City Fine Arts League
Florida Chapter of the International Society of Acrylic Painters
International Society of Acrylic Painters
Noyes Museum of Art-Associate Artist
Ocean City Arts Center
Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts