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This page is both for testimonials that have been received and
a link to Ms. Saylor's blog. 
If you wish to register a comment regarding art, go to the "Contact Us" page or go to:

*JAMS BLOG:   http://www.jamsartworks.com/blog1

Crandon Park Kite Flyer, a painting by American Nature Painter, Judith A. Maddox Saylor at JAMS Artworks.

'Crandon Park Kite Flyer'

The following is a note from the actual kite flyer, Jay.  I think he likes the painting!

March 8

Dear Judy,

     Wow, I went to see your show and "I'm" amazing.  By the way, you're not too bad either.  I thought the large, two part palm tree (Coconut Palm Tree No.1) was striking - very beautiful.  But, back to "Me". I have been immortalized!  My kites are so beautiful and the entire piece feels like a special late afternoon at the beach.  Thank you, thank you, the very thought of being in your painting is such an honor and one I get to keep the rest of my life.  So, if you don't miind I will take it kind of personally that you choose my flying as subject matter and be very proud.
Again, thanks and I hope the show does all you wish for.  By the way, I noticed it was hung to be viewed as one enters the room -- not too shabby either.  Hope to see you back at the beach when your not so busy.

I am forever indebted,

Sea Grape Leaves No. 1, a painting by American Nature Painter, Judith A. Maddox Saylor at JAMS Artworks.

'Sea Grape Leaves No.1'


Greetings Judy,
Very many thanks for the Giclee print of 'Sea Grape Leaves No.1' -- we are highly delighted with it -- it is just as we hoped it might be.  You have done a super job!  Thanks for the protection you included for the corners, so it will have a safe trip home.
    We are really looking forward to seeing it up, where it will be seen to advantage from all directions.  It will be a real pleasure to view.  Thanks also for the Certificate of Authenticity. We will look forward to your next exhibition.

Best wishes from us both,
Anne and Andrew


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The Grupo Tortuguero
Miami Art Exchange
 The Saatchi-Gallery in London, England

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Amsterdam Whitney International Fine Art Gallery

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