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  G i c l e e

     Giclee is a French word that literally means "squirt ink".  This word is used for the digital reproduction of fine art.  A Giclee has a greater resolution than traditional lithography and has a finer color range than a serigraphy.  These digitally derived archival prints are on canvas and paper and are so similar to the original art that it is difficult to distinguish them from the original painting.

     The reproductions that are currently available are listed under the individual paintings on this web site.  As indicated the ones offered are ready to be printed, and are available within 6 weeks of purchase.

     Each reproduction is accompanied by a signed, numbered and dated Certificate of Authenticity.  No more than 50 copies are made of each painting. The certificate of Authenticity is valuable to the piece, as it is signed by the artist, Judith Saylor, and authenticates the work.  Please retain this copy in a safe place.

  All canvas  Giclees will be shipped rolled, in a tube.  All paper Giclees will be shipped flat.  In addition to the  cost of the Giclee print will be taxes, shipping and handling and insurance.     Please allow six weeks from purchase for delivery of the print.    

Contact Judith Saylor by calling (609)504-5044, or E-mailing her at JAMSArtworks™@aol.com